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Don't waste your money on expensive gas fees...

Check out our NFT collection on where there are ZERO GAS FEES!

Partnering up with the Chives network, ARMSY will be the FIRST gun NFT's created on a GREEN blockchain. Don't miss out!


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Coming Soon...

Various qualities

Collect the rarest versions of each gun to guarantee your gun superiority!

(Qualities available: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary)


charitiy donations

Once minting is finished, we plan on creating a charity fund of the community's choosing.


gas fees

Using the Chives blockchain, there are no gas fees making the NFT trading experience much more enjoyable

Rifle Bullets

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Join us on Twitter and help us spread the word! People need to know there's a place where ANYONE can legally possess a gun....NFT.

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